Recycling – Part I: 2018

In September I took an amazing and eye-opening vacation to Alaska. It was so beautiful with the wilderness, the wildlife, and the people. However, ever present on the trip, was the impact of global warming on those very people, places, and animals. From the receding glaciers to the endangered species, to danger of living in the last frontier, the signs were everywhere.

Mendenhall Glacier

With that experience in mind, I wanted to take steps to increase my Eco-friendly activities. So I made larger goals and then broke those down into smaller tasks that are more accomplish-able.

Main over-arching goals:

  • Don’t just throw things away, recycle what can be recycled
  • Re-home or re-use things that I haven’t used in a while
  • Stop using plastic cups and straws
  • Stop using wasteful batteries
  • Stop using plastic bags
  • Stop using K-Cups

Now, these things aren’t very quantifiable so I broke them down into more digestible tasks, which I will outline over the next two posts.

What are some of your eco-friendly goals?

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