Recycling – Part II: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

For my reasoning behind these tasks, see Part I: Recycling 2018

Don’t just throw things away, recycle what can be recycled

When I thought about how I could make recycling easier, I thought about what are the ways I already recycle and can I expand upon that. Well in my case I recycle when I see a recycle bin. So that seems like an easy fix, get more recycling bins.

simplehuman 46 Liter Rectangular Step Recycling Trash Can - Dual Compartment
Photo Credit:

That’s still not very specific. So I thought then about what areas in my house produce recyclable materials and made a list of different type of receptacles I could get to put in those places. We already have and use one in the kitchen but there were 4 other locations that I found that could use a bin.

  • My Car
  • The bathroom
  • My bedroom
  • My Office

So I have refocused my goals on getting:

  • a small bin or reusable bag for my bathroom,
  • a small bag to take the place of my trash can in my car so that my trashcan can be a recycling bin,
  • a larger recycling bin that blends in with my room decor and
  • putting a small bag in my large office trash to create a dual bin.

Re-home or re-use things that I haven’t used in a while.

I’ve found that when things get cluttered, I get frustrated and just throw everything out.

So to not be so wasteful and to keep my space clean, I am enacting a “Don’t just Spring clean!” policy. I am going to Summer, Fall, and Winter clean as well. Being a 30-year-old living in their parents’ house after living on their own, I run into the issue of having an apartment worth of things and not enough space to store it.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

My first step is to take all of my clothes out of my closet, sort them into piles of things to donate, things that have to be thrown out, things that are just out of season, and things to stay. I will throw out the clothes that cannot be donated and document the clothes that can be donated for tax purposes.

I’ll then take the clothes I still want and decide is this something I can wear in the next 3 months. Living in New England, we are fortunate to have summer, winter and a few weeks of spring and a slightly longer fall. Unfortunately, the temperature is either freezing cold or so hot it feels like I’m melting for the majority of the year. The items I cannot currently wear will be stored in a closet far, far, away.

Other items will be dealt with similarly. Do I need this at all and if I do, do I need this right here and now? As I’m writing this I think I should probably read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

What ways do you like to reduce, reuse, and recycle?

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2 thoughts on “Recycling – Part II: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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  2. I am a big proponent of this, and since we move so much I find that I very often need to purge things that aren’t needed or haven’t been used. It takes a little more effort, but there are tons of places that will take and use stuff you don’t need: Dressed for Success takes business/work wear for women who can’t afford it but need interview clothes. Disabled American Veterans has a thrift store that benefits disabled vets and they will COME TO YOU to collect anything, including old appliances and furniture but also the usual clothing and home goods. If you’ve got a Habitat Restore nearby, they take any kind of furniture and home repair/renovation stuff, which they either use for Habitat homes, or sell in the store to raise money for Habitat projects. I’ve got more but that’s where I always start because it takes care of a lot of the bulk of what I’m clearing out!


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