I Have A Subscription Problem: OwlCrate

As a young adult working two jobs, I don’t always have time to indulge in all of my extracurriculars as I used to. When I worked at a bookstore (R.I.P. Borders) I was always up to date on what the newest music, movies, and books were. Now that I don’t work there, I feel out of the loop. After a Geek Girl Brunch event, I was introduced to subscription boxes and there the obsession began.

The first box that I’m going to tell you about is the most obvious one to this audience as I’ve written about it twice (here and here) already on this blog.


These beautifully crafted boxes are the product of a small team out of Vancouver, Canada. Each box features a brand new hardcover young adult novel. In many cases, the book is autographed or comes with a signed bookplate. There is also generally a letter from the author and a promo item or two like stickers or bookmarks.

OwlCrate February 2018 - Book and Goodies

Each box is centered around a theme such as Hidden Worlds, Something Wicked This Way Comes, or Wanderlust. To go along with those themes, they include 3-5 bookish items that their audience will love. They search for independent vendors and artists to include in the boxes. This results in items that are super high in quality and clearly created with love.

OwlCrate February 2017 - Whole Box.png

I found OwlCrate to be very cohesive and enjoyable. Of course, not every item will speak to every person but they come very close, considering many months they sell out and have a waitlist to get a box. I highly recommend OwlCrate for the YA book lover.

If you are interested in trying OwlCrate, click here to sign up.

Note: Links that appear in this post may earn me a small commission.

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