Organizing the Chaos: Folding Clothes

In my quest to be a semi-normal adult, I have learned that there are many things I still need to learn. One of the most obvious things that I have found is that I need to learn to do my laundry on a more regular basis. Currently, I let my laundry build up and then sort, was, and dry 6 loads of laundry. You’ll notice that I didn’t say anything about folding the laundry. Well that’s my other problem.

I have no problem washing clothes. It’s folding clothes that for some reason is pure torture to me. So generally, I have, at all times, 3-4 baskets of clean, crumpled laundry on the floor of my room, much to the chargrin of my mother.

How does one making folding clothes easier? I mean there is a clear answer, the FoldiMate. However, I don’t have $980 to spend on that machine.

I’ve seen clothes folders like the MiracleFold before, but again I don’t really want to spend my money on that. So I did what any millenial would do and I searched youtube for easy clothes folding techniques and I found this video:


I thought I could do that! I made an adjustment knowing I have the stupidest drawers known to mankind but I think it came out pretty good! It made folding clothes so easy.

Making shirt folder

I found it almost fun to fold my shirts!

Does anyone else face the torture that I face when it comes to laundry? Any other cool folding tricks?



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