Blog Update: Whelp!

As you might have noticed I didn’t update my blog on Tuesday at 12pm like I said I would in my last blog update.

Well I have something to announce, I’m human…and really busy and so tired. It feels like I only work and sleep these days (It’s not true, I totally went to see Avengers: Infinity War the other day.).  I work two jobs, one full time and one part time and by the time I get home at the end of the night, I shower and then fall asleep watching YouTube videos on my Apple TV.

I think I was a little too excited about the blog last month and I went from a goal of 2 blogs a month in February to 2 blogs a week in April. When I didn’t post on Tuesday, I felt like I was letting my readers down. I made a pormise and I was breaking it.

So I took a step back and thought about the purpose of my blog. It’s my struggles at a young adult trying to be a better human being in this world. This is one of those struggles, and honestly not that big of a deal.

So I will reevaluate.

I am still going to aim to post 2 times a weekon Tuesdays and Fridays. I think this is an attainable goal. However, there might be a week once in a while where I only post once. Life happens and I need to work to fund my activities that I write about. I’ll also be honest, unless I have a post written in advance, it’s probably not being published by 12pm .



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