Off Plan Reading

It seems as if all my post lately have been about “breaking the rules.” It’s not that big of a deal, they are rules I created, but it still feels wrong. Recently I ran into a predicament.

I started off this year with wanted to read a certain amount of books and I was going to use the PopSugar Challenge to read those books. I’ve been doing pretty well with the challenge I’ve read 10 books out of 46. That’s not too bad considering it’s only May.

Two weeks ago I read into this problem. I had just finished the book I keep in my purse and I finish the audiobook I was listening to, and I needed to pick the next book to read. All I wanted to read was the sequels to the books I had just finished. I didn’t want to move on to the next book on my list. I also had books that I wanted to read that aren’t on any list, that I really wanted to read.

However, there was the nagging feeling that if I did that would I ever finish the books on my list? So I thought back to why I was doing the reading challenge in the first place. To read more books every year.

So I have come to the conclusion that it’s okay if I read books that aren’t on the list if I was to read them. At least I am reading. As long as I keep looking at the list as a guiding light for my next book.

Note for next year…stop putting so many books that are the first books in a series.

2 thoughts on “Off Plan Reading

  1. I understand that completely. I made a list of book to read this year and I find myself stressing out over not having them all read and picking up other books that I want to read. I have found that some of the books on my list I really didn’t enjoy and that might be due to the fact I was forcing myself to read them when I wanted to read others. Long story short read what you feel like reading at the time or you may not enjoy the experience as much. 🙂

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