I Have a Subscription Problem: Quip

I am a firm believer that subscription boxes can be used for cost savings and to make life a little easier. The toothbrush is definitely one of those things that we can save on. I will be the first to admit, that I lack in flossing skills and I probably don't brush as long as …

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ReBlog: OwlCrate March 2018

This is late because of travel, but oh boy was this a great OwlCrate month. Check out my blog post over at Geek Girl Pen Pals and while you're at it sign up for a pen pal, this month's theme is Giant Robot Combat! Let's talk about March's OwlCrate: Across the Galaxy. I would like …

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ReBlog: OwlCrate February 2018: Hidden Worlds

Another month and another amazing box from the folks over at OwlCrate! This month’s theme, Hidden Worlds, was waitlisted early in the month of January. With the promise of another anticipated box and an item that has never been a part of an OwlCrate box before, they certainly did not disappoint their wide subscriber base.… via …

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